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When did you last see someone?

This sounds like a funny thing to ask. Surely you see people all of the time every day, unless you live in a remote location or a small, dark room. But if you start to think about the question, there is something deeper here. It isn’t just about your vision and the act of physically seeing someone. This question I […]

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What’s the go with Pokémon Go?

Today, I am diverting from the usual positive and enlightening blog posts to talk about Pokémon Go. If that is not your thing then stop reading now, or head over to for other interesting blog posts. It started yesterday when someone asked if I had downloaded it yet. I thought it was a paid for product and so I […]

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Are you communicating too much?

Every expert in psychology and social health services will very likely tell you about the benefits of open, honest communication. Do more of it, they will tell you. Be open and tell everyone about the things that you think they should know. It is a lovely idea but what if it is all wrong, completely and utterly wrong? Here’s the […]

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How to shoot yourself in the foot and annoy everyone you know
Shooting yourself in the foot

In the spirit of self improvement I have in recent months been working on changing myself. With best intentions, for the better and with best intentions, to be able to help the world become a better place. In the last 24 hours I have apologised to four different people for behaving in a manner totally opposite to my intentions……. Well, […]

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