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5 Top Tips for being a Good Manager

There are a number of really critical aspects to managing people and you will hopefully be one of those people who gets it right.  You will have a great team that works really well for you and makes your management role much more relaxing. However, if you are one of those that doesn’t quite make the grade then pay attention, […]

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5 Top Tips for being a Good Manager – continued

<- Click here for the first 2 Tips on Being a Good Manager 3. Give the Freedom to Challenge Respect my Authoritah! As a manager, your team should do everything you say, right? Their job is to do what you tell them, so this is the way it should be, the natural order of things. If you think you know everything […]

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Business Coach of the Year goes to Simon Cartwright

There is still a level of excitement in the office. It is simply amazing that Simon Cartwright won the APCTC Business Coach of the Year award last Saturday. It is with great pride that I recount the moment when the nominees were announced and then Simon was declared the winner of the category. He is so deserving of the award […]

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Is the glass half empty or half full?

I’ve always responded to this question based on whether the intention was to empty the glass or fill the glass. It doesn’t matter whether it is half empty or half full right now, it is what you are going to do with it that counts. B

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Redundancy – What does it really mean?

Come the end of January I will be being made redundant from the job I have held for nearly 8 years. Most people have expressed their condolences when they heard the news, like some part of me had just died and they had no other emotion to express but their sympathy. Well, all except one person who exclaimed “FANTASTIC” down […]

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Business Opportunity not to be missed!

In October I came across a business opportunity. It was actually the second time it had been mentioned to me and the first time I had just dismissed it as an affiliate marketing business, which is something I already knew about and hadn’t the time, with running ThinkPositive Coaching, to properly build that type of business. Like with most things, […]

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What can motivation do for you?

In November, I will be speaking at the event Success on the Humber which is being held in the Hull Truck Theatre in Hull. Now you may be thinking “what can a success event do for  me?” and it is a very good question. There are a few people who consider this sort of thing to be nonsense because they don’t […]

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Believing in You: Message from Simon

I read this recently and it sums up the truth about believing in yourself….it is a great place to start with improving your life. “Every achiever I have ever met says, ‘My life turned around when I began to believe in me.’” – Robert Schuller It really doesn’t matter what others think of you or what others believe you can […]

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Be Yourself, Who Else is There to Be?

“Do the hardest thing on earth for you. ACT YOURSELF.” – Katherine Mansfield In this fast moving world we live in, with the technology to see what everyone else is doing and our competitive nature, we are often trying to emulate, copy, or be like someone else. We all have heroes and we all admire certain achievements of others but […]

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Do not give up

“You can’t have two mountains together without a valley in between.”- Simon Cartwright Have you ever been sitting there thinking, “I give up, I can’t take anymore”. You are not alone in having this thought. Every person that is successful has had that thought at some time along their pathway to success. When you are chasing your dreams you are […]

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