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“It is a long journey the world is going on. No one wants to do the admin, or change the nappies, but someone is going to have to do it.” – Brodie Asaris

“Let us all appreciate the weirdness in everybody.” – Brodie Asaris

“Making positive changes to your life takes a lot of effort but the rewards are great.” – Brodie Asaris

“A line manager’s role is not to manage people, but to create a safe and supportive environment which enables their team to grow.” – Brodie Asaris

“I used to think that not being stressed about things was a result of apathy. Now I realise it is caused by power.” – Brodie Asaris

“It never thought it was possible, but in its heart the caterpillar wanted to fly.” – Brodie Asaris
in its heart the caterpillar wanted to fly _Brodie Asaris

“Don’t think outside of the box. Expand your box.” – Brodie Asaris

“Great leaders aren’t dictators, they are the people showing you the way by their own example.” – Brodie Asaris

“Be patient, great things are coming.” – Brodie Asaris

“Understanding yourself and your differences will help you to understand others and the world around you.” – Brodie Asaris

“The moments when you are not sure what you want, those moments are about change. It is a turning point, your chance to make decisions about your direction.” – Brodie Asaris

“Collaboration and teamwork is not about how everyone else works with you, it is about how you work with everyone else.” – Brodie Asaris

“Be inspired to be creative in as many ways as you can, and enjoy them all.” – Brodie Asaris

“We all need time to stop, think, assess, strategise….but at some point you need to stop thinking and start taking action.” – Brodie Asaris

“It’s not the process, it’s the people that are important.” – Brodie Asaris

“Working through things will always generate some strangeness, however it is the end result that is clear and perfectly formed as a consequence of the process.” – Brodie Asaris

“Often you have to lose in order to build the skills to win.” – Brodie Asaris

“Once you have learned to laugh at yourself it is acceptable for others to do the same.” – Brodie Asaris

In a letter to a friend when I was at high school (around 20 years ago): “Do not and I repeat DO NOT think you will fail because by doing so you will fail. Think positively.” – Brodie Asaris

“Whatever criteria other people define you by, they are wrong. You are what you believe you are.” – Brodie Asaris

“The actions that you take in life aren’t always calm, casual and relaxed but those actions that are stressful and challenging allow you to develop, grow and become successful.” – Brodie Asaris ‎

“Parenting: Because you know that if you talk to a brick wall for long enough, eventually it will listen.” – Brodie Asaris

“While some things never seem to change, everything is changing constantly.” – Brodie Asaris

“Nothing ever worth saying wasn’t worth taking the time to say.” – Brodie Asaris

“Whatever the weather, it is the sunshine in your heart that makes each day amazing.” – Brodie Asaris

“Awesomeness doesn’t need social acceptance, so be yourself, be awesome.” – Brodie Asaris.

“I used to think that I knew it all, now I know enough to know better.” – Brodie Asaris

“I’d rather be original than fit a box that someone else has defined for me.” – Brodie Asaris

“Everything is easy if you just think it is.” – Brodie Asaris

“If you aren’t nervous, you don’t want it badly enough.” – Brodie Asaris

“You have unlimited seeds for personal growth, use them.” – Brodie Asaris

“If you aren’t taking steps forward you are going backwards.” – Brodie Asaris

“Thinking positively is all the superpowers you need to be happy.” – Brodie Asaris

“In knowing your weaknesses you can turn them into your strengths.” – Brodie Asaris

“You can’t change the past, but you can change how you think about it in the future.” – Brodie Asaris

“You are only a leader if people follow you.” – Brodie Asaris

“In a time of drought, people will always ask for more water.” – Brodie Asaris

“It is always a good time to make a change for the better.” – Brodie Asaris

“No matter how much action you are taking in the wrong direction you will never end up where you want to go.” – Brodie Asaris

“If you are trying to dig yourself out of the hole you are in and it isn’t working, stop digging.” – Brodie Asaris

“At the moment when things are at their worst, I learn the most.” – Brodie Asaris

“Behind the clouds, the sun still shines.” – Brodie Asaris

“It is what you do now and in the future that will dictate what people think of you, but more importantly, it will dictate how you feel about yourself.” – Brodie Asaris

“Don’t let your drive for perfection get in the way of your great success.” – Brodie Asaris

“Positive actions promote positive attitudes.” – Brodie Asaris

“Every day can be a great day, it is up to you to see it.” – Brodie Asaris

“No one will actually care what you look like if your character is clean and tidy.” – Brodie Asaris

“The wiser person knows not everything, but knows people who do.” – Brodie Asaris

“With progress comes belief, with belief comes commitment, with commitment comes success.” – Brodie Asaris

“Success comes when you put the right passion in the right place.” – Brodie Asaris

“Sometimes you need to find what you should avoid in order to learn how to look for what you want.” – Brodie Asaris

“Modern technology will never substitute for a proper conversation.” – Brodie Asaris

“Reality dictates possibility so create your own reality and anything is possible.” – Brodie Asaris

“Don’t be afraid to take steps into the unknown because they are the ones that will lead you to your success.” – Brodie Asaris

“It is better to be yourself than to have others believe you to be someone you are not.” – Brodie Asaris

“If in doubt, don’t leave any.” – Brodie Asaris

“You never fail if you always learn from when you don’t succeed.” – Brodie Asaris

“Successful people don’t make excuses.” – Brodie Asaris

“Success is all about dealing with change”. – Brodie Asaris

“Say it, mean it, believe it.” – Brodie Asaris

“I am a realist, but if you don’t dare to dream, how do you change your reality?” – Brodie Asaris

“At the point where you stop searching for something, it becomes found.” – Brodie Asaris

“Success is derived from failing and learning until you learn not to fail.” – Brodie Asaris

“Even though it looks like an end, it is also a beginning.” – Brodie Asaris