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UK Best Workplaces

Tonight I am going to the UK Best Workplaces awards ceremony in London and it got me thinking about how many businesses truly understand what fiscal benefits a good working environment can bring. I don’t just mean having a nice clean office with plenty of space and a good, ergonomically sound workstation. This means actually driving for a better employee […]

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Free your beliefs

A key difference between successful people and everyone else relates to how they structure their beliefs. We’ve all heard the simple truth that if you believe you can’t then you won’t. If you believe something is impossible then it is. So in order to be successful you need to turn this around, you need to approach everything with the belief […]

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A new blog, a new beginning

I decided recently that it was time for a fresh start. Often I have found myself stuck somewhere and not really understood how to move forward. Here’s a tip for you, rip out the ground from beneath your feet and start again. Metaphorically speaking of course. To do it literally would be, well, amazing but very unlikely unless you actually […]

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