I decided recently that it was time for a fresh start. Often I have found myself stuck somewhere and not really understood how to move forward. Here’s a tip for you, rip out the ground from beneath your feet and start again.

Metaphorically speaking of course. To do it literally would be, well, amazing but very unlikely unless you actually do have the powers of a comic book hero. Now that would be awesome.

In any case, having not blogged for many years I have decided that it is again time to put my hand and my mind to writing. I used to blog before it became cool to do so and when cool was a very fashionable phrase with the youth of the day. At the time I was in a strange place mentally and didn’t really like what I was writing. It was almost like I had some second, evil personality that had taken over my fingers and was typing pure, unadulterated tosh.

Now, I am in a great place and it is time to share that greatness with other people.

Naturally I hope that you will find the following posts useful, insightful, fun, interesting or at the very least a good way to kill some time when you should be doing something else far more constructive. If not, then nevermind, you won’t get those minutes back so there is little point in worrying about it.

So that is all for now, I had better get this blog on the road, the internet highway that is.

Have a happy day.