A key difference between successful people and everyone else relates to how they structure their beliefs. We’ve all heard the simple truth that if you believe you can’t then you won’t. If you believe something is impossible then it is.

So in order to be successful you need to turn this around, you need to approach everything with the belief that you can and that it is possible.

Recently I was in conversation with a company director about the implementation of a new computer system and specifically the challenging timescales that he set. Everyone he had spoken to had told him that it couldn’t be done within the timeframe he wanted. Everyone with experience of similar activities, all of the experts, all of the technical people, everyone told him it would never happen. Yet, it did happen and it was very successful.

The difference

He did not limit his beliefs by what other people thought. He did not limit his beliefs by his or anyone else’s experiences. He took a can-do attitude, set some targets that he thought were possible and made the seemingly impossible a reality.

Often we think things are outside of the realm of possibility only because those things haven’t been done before. You can be the first and open up everyone else’s eyes to the possible.

Most people rely on human experience, their own or other people’s, in order to determine what is possible. Scrap that concept, throw it out with the rubbish and begin a new life full of possibilities.

Question why

Start asking yourself “Why?”. Why are you unhappy? Why are you not following your heart’s desires? Why aren’t you successful? Why aren’t you your ideal weight? Now listen to all of your self-limiting answers and tell yourself that they are wrong. You can do all of these things, you just have to have the right beliefs.

I recently watched a deaf, dumb and blind person get a black belt in karate and it was incredible. If he can do something so amazing, if he can free his beliefs to make that success possible, then what is stopping you?