If you talked to anyone that knows me, you would find out that I am not the kind of person to be overly sensitive about how I look. I am who I am and if I am a little rough around the edges then so be it. After all, I did grow up in Australia and thus I feel that this fact alone gives me some right to be slightly uncultured in my appearance.

So having the opportunity to have my photo taken was not something I was really ready for. Being the focus of the camera’s attention and having to smile on command and pose. How far from my personal comfort zone could I really be?

To make things easier on myself, I had the wonderful pleasure of having my photo taken by Charly from Charlys Media. Charly was amazing at putting me at ease and recognised pretty much straight away that I was a “giggler”. I really couldn’t stop myself from finding the whole situation to be of great amusement. Charly was very professional but also enjoyed herself, clicking away and joining in with my jokes and admiring my crazy expressions. Following a few scene changes and the borrowing of a local cafe’s table, the hour session had flown by and all too soon, it seemed, we were done.

Some points to note about modelling. It is a lot harder than it looks to hold expressions and poses that you do not normally spend all day doing. Trying to replicate an expression that you unconsciously made while thinking something interesting can be nearly impossible. Having a good connection with your photographer makes the whole process more like taking some happy snaps with a friend than being forced fed sprouts and having to pretend to like them. Needless to say, I actually enjoyed having my photo taken and I have to give my thanks to Charly for putting up with me and being patient with my silliness.

The photo session was great, but I hear you asking, “well how did the pictures turn out?” The thing is… I am no Brad Pitt, or George Clooney, and I am certainly no David Beckham. To this point, a couple of friends suggested that it was going to take a lot of post production editing to make me look half decent. Thanks guys for your support! They say that a good photographer can make anyone look good without needing to edit the photos, but honestly, we are talking miracles here. So in expectation of some editing being required, it was agreed that Charly and I would have an editing competition. We would both take a copy of the same photo and see who could make me look the best.

Nothing like a bit of harmless competition but I wasn’t prepared for what happened when I started editing. I will have to admit this, I was so intent on improving how I looked that my first attempt was shocking. I am not bad at photo editing but I wanted to fix this bit and change that bit and hide that…..I totally distorted what I looked like. I’m talking bad surgical procedure type changes. I compared it to the original and decided to start again. The first edit wasn’t so bad, I think I took about 20 years off how I looked, but it was no longer me. How vain was I that I felt the need to edit myself like that, that I felt that I looked that horribly wrong and had to severely alter my appearance?

So, I tried again and fixed the things that weren’t a big part of who I am. The blemishes, some of the wrinkles, the bags under my eyes and the sheen on my face from my oily skin. Yet this time I left a lot of the things that I tried to change in the original edit. The end result was better than how I looked on the day, but I was still me and that was the important thing. Click on the picture below for a larger image….left is the original image and right is the edit.

The key thing for me to accept was that Charly had actually taken a good photo of me. Rather than trying to make it better, I should have spent more time trying to accept it for what it was and for who I am. Looking at it now, Charly did a great job in taking my photo and I am thankful for that.

Now we’ll have to wait and see who wins the photo editing competition 🙂

Brodie Asaris