plan A didnt workWe all love a good plan. Whether it be for your next holiday, to deliver a project at work, or to enable significant personal transformation, we all turn to making plans. In coaching sessions, I will help you understand your goals and make a plan towards achieving them. Yes, we all do it. Even making a sandwich could be considered following a plan.

There are some people who do, very amazingly, stick precisely to their plans and find that they work exactly as they had expected. Then, there is everyone else.

I have a running joke that every time I make a life plan that the total opposite happens and I end up somewhere totally different. Life and the universe don’t really do planning. Everything is in motion and energies are flowing around, bouncing off of each other, interacting and creating shifts in reality.

You might then be wondering, what does it actually mean when a plan doesn’t work, or goes in a different direction. What does it actually mean when the things you want to do and achieve seem to be the last things to actually happen.

The purpose of a plan is to achieve an end result. To have a nice holiday, to build a house, to make and eat a sandwich. The difficulty and complexity of each plan will determine how easily and to what extent your plan can be sidetracked.

Your trip across Europe can be pushed adrift by transport delays, or your desire to make a ham and cheese sandwich could be halted by the lack of cheese in the fridge. It sometimes doesn’t take much. The difference as to what impact this has and what it means to you will depend on your attitude towards it.

If you let it stop you, you will never get to your goal and you will be saddened and disappointed by the experience. If you adapt, learn, and modify your path to your goal, then you can still get there, just not in the way you originally expected. You might also realise that your original goal wasn’t truly what you wanted and the difference in your plan and reality has helped you find something even better.

You find you’ve got no cheese. How about a ham and raspberry jam sandwich instead? Sounds crazy but I’ve seen my kids eat crazier combinations. The point being that you can still eat your sandwich, it just isn’t entirely how you planned it. Through a change in your journey the destination is not quite the same as you expected but you can still get to the end result that you desired.

So when life puts things in your way that prevent you from achieving your goals, find a different way. If your heart wants it enough, there is nothing that will stop you, you just need to be prepared to do something different, or even crazy, to get there. Be open to the opportunity and trust that the universe will provide you with what you need to achieve your heart’s desires.