Come the end of January I will be being made redundant from the job I have held for nearly 8 years.

Most people have expressed their condolences when they heard the news, like some part of me had just died and they had no other emotion to express but their sympathy. Well, all except one person who exclaimed “FANTASTIC” down the phone – positive thinking people are a joy to behold.

Today we live in a very different society to 20 years ago, the working ethic and culture around employment is very different to what it used to be. Being out of a job is no longer a death sentence or the foreboding of imminent poverty. For all intents and purposes it is an opportunity that life is giving you to make a change, to do things differently.

You can do two things with this opportunity, you can hide away in a corner, in tears, fearful of the wrath that unemployment will bring, or you can stare it in the face and look forward to the challenges and experience that will come from the amazing new opportunities. Put me in category two please.

I am taking a positive outlook on this scenario. I know that whatever happens (even the bad stuff) will result in me getting closer to my goals and will be an improvement on my life as it exists right now. As my good friend Simon Cartwright says, “There are only winners and learners”.

So, what does redundancy really mean? For me, it is a chance to take a fresh breath and step forward into the world again with renewed energy and focus. I’m going to take the opportunities and make them happen!