This sounds like a funny thing to ask. Surely you see people all of the time every day, unless you live in a remote location or a small, dark room. But if you start to think about the question, there is something deeper here. It isn’t just about your vision and the act of physically seeing someone. This question I am really asking is about when you last saw someone from your heart.

aloneinacrowdIn our daily lives we interact with people and utilise the practicalities of the human body to look at them all but mostly we really do not see them. They exist, we exist but we spend most of the time never really seeing. You have heard the saying about being alone in a crowd of people. This is the situation we are creating in this world. We look at each other but never really see who is there.

I will admit that people freak out if you start properly looking at them. They will normally feel your energy when you start to pay attention to them. In most cases, they look up and ask you “What?” Sometimes they will look up and make eye contact. Smile, don’t immediately panic that you have been caught staring.

Society has told all of us time and time again, don’t stare, it’s rude. Yet, how can you truly see someone from the heart if you don’t spend the time to look at them properly. Now I don’t mean head to toe, faults and flaws, dress sense, judgements on weight loss and so on. None of that is from the heart, instead, look to see the person inside.

When you stop and look properly at someone, you have the opportunity to pick up on the subtle changes in physiology that show you things about them such as how they are feeling. When you look from the heart you get to feel how they look, and this is how they look deep down inside. In a way, you see through to their soul and this is where the true person exists. When you can see that and consciously feel it, then you can connect better with that individual.

Take the opportunity today to stop and look at someone properly. Feel their soul and improve your relationship with them, or start one. Look at the people in the crowd and feel the one/s that you want to connect with. Make a difference to someone today.