For those of you following along with the life of Brodie, you will know that in 2009 I started ThinkPositive Coaching with Simon Cartwright. Since then, the two of us have weathered the storms and grown a profitable business from nothing, in the middle of a global recession. Yes, we like a challenge.

Many of you have asked me about the future of the business and where I see it going. You have asked me these things because they are the same things I ask you about your businesses and lives. Simon and I have always had a vision of a global business that fits in with our personally philosophies of making the world a better place, of being positive and of helping people to help themselves.

As two people we recognised some time ago that we can only do so much and that to impact the world we would need to build an organisation big enough to do that. We would need to find like minded individuals to join us in our journey and to leverage our own experiences and learnings for their benefit, supporting them to become successful coaches as well.

Thus, it is with a great sense of achievement that we have launched the ThinkPositive Coaching Franchise opportunity. Simon and I have been working hard to put the business systems we have developed into a structure suitable for any motivated individual to use to build a successful coaching business. It is one thing to be able to do an action, it is something altogether different to be able to say what it is that you do, how and why it works and how someone else can replicate it. It has been a path we have taken over the last couple of years that brings us to this point and it is going to be awesome.

Only a couple of weeks old, there are already expressions of interest coming in and I look forward to getting to meet and know these people. I am fascinated as to who they are as I am going to be instrumental in helping them to achieve the successes that they desire. From my perspective, in the success of each and every one of them, is a step forward towards the global organisation that Simon and I have always dreamed of.

If you are interested in starting your own coaching business then drop us an email for more details:

Believe in your dreams because Anything is Possible.