“You can’t have two mountains together without a valley in between.”- Simon Cartwright

Have you ever been sitting there thinking, “I give up, I can’t take anymore”. You are not alone in having this thought. Every person that is successful has had that thought at some time along their pathway to success.

When you are chasing your dreams you are going to have highs and lows. At some point you will come up against obstacles and challenges that seem like they are impossible to get over. It will feel like a large mountain in front of you that you have to climb in order to be successful but you have no energy left to try.

The difference between success and failure is that moment, right then and there when you are at the bottom of the valley looking up. Successful people keep going at this point regardless of how tired they feel, or the pain or pressure they are under. They keep going even if it seems impossible to do so. They find the energy from within to give them the strength to climb that mountain.

No matter how deep the valley, you have the power within you to climb the next mountain to your success. You have the courage to keep going through these difficult times and achieve your life’s purpose. You can do it!

Simon Cartwright

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