In November, I will be speaking at the event Success on the Humber which is being held in the Hull Truck Theatre in Hull. Now you may be thinking “what can a success event do for  me?” and it is a very good question. There are a few people who consider this sort of thing to be nonsense because they don’t believe in themselves or other people’s abilities to help make success happen but let me tell you some things that you just might want to know before you make a decision on attending this type of event.

It’s for the type of person that you are

A success event focuses on motivating and inspiring people to make the changes in their lives that will enable them to achieve the successes that they want. For some people that success may be as easily defined as a better job, or to be happy. For others it is a much more detailed goal that they have in mind. So stop, and think for a second about what you would like to achieve in your life. Right now, deep in your heart, what would you like to be different, what success would you like to achieve? Now if you would like to be able to take a step closer to that goal, then a success event is for you. It is also for your friends and family, so don’t let them miss out.

Will I get brainwashed?

There is no brain washing, scrubbing or cleansing required. However, you will walk away from the event being amazed and in awe at Yorkshire business and success coach Simon Cartwright. I have personally watched him inspire people at a variety of events, and despite knowing what he was going to say, I was still blown away, every time. Some would say he has the “x factor” of motivational speaking but I just say that he really is an awesome, genuine guy with a passion for helping others create the success of their dreams. He helps you to unlock your potential so you remain in control at all times. You have the power.

Simon says

A bit like the game we all played as kids, if you follow what Simon says then you too can win the game, but in this case it isn’t just about the playground, it is about your life. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, if you are single, married, divorced or a parent; Simon can help you feel good about yourself and give you back the energy that you once had when you woke up in the morning. I happened to bump into an event attendee the morning after one of Simon’s events and they admitted that they had attended the event for research purposes and not to be involved in what was being said, yet as soon as they had got home from the event they had started to make positive changes to their life. By the time I saw them they had mapped out  a plan of action for the things that they wanted to achieve and were riding their personal train to success. I was astounded to see such a dramatic response from someone who went to the event as a critic but just imagine what you could do if you show up with an open mind and the belief that you want to change your life for the better?

Your next decision could change your life

Right now, you have a choice. You can go and have a look at the Success on the Humber page and allow yourself to become inspired and motivated. It will change your life forever. Even if you can’t attend the event you can get signed up to receive updates as the ThinkPositive Coaching success events move around Yorkshire, the UK and the world.

Or, you can ignore this great opportunity and continue living your life as you do today. It is your choice, don’t blow it.