pokemon-goToday, I am diverting from the usual positive and enlightening blog posts to talk about Pokémon Go.

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It started yesterday when someone asked if I had downloaded it yet. I thought it was a paid for product and so I hadn’t even considered it. But no, it is FREE. So I thought, yes, I will give it a try.

An hour later and 41 Pokémon caught whilst walking around with a friend, I am quite sure that this is one of the best uses of gameplay that I have seen to enable people to get out in the fresh(ish) air and having fun.

I was in Newbury today watching groups of kids AND adults walking around the streets catching Pokémon and going to Pokestops to refuel with Poke Balls. Already, this is BIG.

Okay, so most of the adults already addicted to this game grew up with Pokémon cartoons, card games, computer games and now are keenly interested in this new development in the Pokémon franchise.

I wasn’t one of those people but my kids watch a lot of Pokémon and today I will take them for a walk around our local area and get them catching Pokémon. I am quite certain that this will take care of what would normally be a very long six weeks of school holidays.

Pokemon_Go_MeowthIs it right to get your children addicted to yet another new game that has taken the world by storm? No, not really, but I offer you the counter argument that it is encouraging them to get out of the house and explore, even if that means doing so whilst eagerly watching a mobile phone screen.

And for the adults. This is a bit of fun, it isn’t doing anyone any harm and you can get yourself out and about, catching Pokémon and even meeting people. (I will admit having talked to many a stranger on the premise that they too were catching Pokémon).

Like the Nintendo Wii brought exercise back to the computer game world, it has now taken the world a step further by taking the computer games outside and making you do exercise to progress. I only have 300metres left to walk to hatch my first 5km egg!

If you are a sceptic, that is fine, but you will be the one missing out on genuine opportunities to engage with people in the world around you, facilitated by a free and simple game. Except for those Zurbats…they are really hard to hit with a Poke Ball.

Anyway, enjoy your day in whichever part of the world and have fun if you are going to try to catch them all!